Do you have guidance coping for all of the implants?

You can check here(link to the list of guidance coping)

How can I send the case?

Please send the stl, ply, obj files through email or portal.

If you want to send us the triple tray impression, please give us a call at 562-315-5900 so we can arrange the pick up.

Do you have a step-by-step manual for the impression with guidance coping?

Yes (link to the manual pdf)

Can you process the quadrant impression with bite registration?

Yes especially for those cases with limited occlusal clearance, you may not be able to use triple tray impression as the opposing arch will touch the top of guidance coping and prevent the maximum intercuspation. Please make sure you use the plastic quadrant tray(metal trays cause beam hardening with microCT)and go ahead to take quadrant impression with PVS or Polyether.

What is the turn around time for custom abutment and implant crown?

Typically 10 business days. Rush case can be arranged upon the request. There’s a rush charge depending on the load.

Can you make custom abutments with zirconia?

We can make zirconia custom abutments with ti-base.

We don’t make zirconia only abutments.

Can you make screwtable/SCRP crowns?

Yes, they are most sought after crown design these days.

Can you make an occlusal hole size bigger or smaller?

Yes, please put down the special request on your order form.

The default is 100-200 micrometer larger diameter hole so you can retrieve the screw in case you must remove the abutment and crown in the future.

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