Established in 2014.

Dr Seung Baek, a practicing dentist from Buena Park, CA wanted to make a dental solution that can provide the consistency with dental restorations. He focused on dental impression as it’s the first step when making dental restoration. He has tested various impression materials and methods.

After finding the non homogeneous stone model expansion inside the impression body, he tried to acquire the data directly from the impression rather than obtaining the data from the stone model. Due to the frequent undercut in impression, he wanted to receive the data from x ray computed tomography in preference to optical scanner.

After testing different dental applications (including fixed partial dentures, aligner orthodontics, removable dental appliances), Guidance Dental is now focused on providing the dental implant restoration using Guidance Coping™.

With digital shift in dental lab industry, we foresee dentists would need an intuitive, simple, yet predictable solution for their implant restrictions. Guidance dental strives to be the true companion.

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